Українська Православна Катедра св. Володимира
St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral
27th Anniversary Show and Sale 2015
The Expressions in Art Committee of St. Volodymyr Cathedral in Toronto held its 27th Anniversary celebration show and sale at St. Volodymyr Cultural Centre in Oakville, ON, November 6-8, 2015. Fifty-two artists participated exhibiting and selling their art work at this wonderful annual event.

This fundraiser was initiated in 1988 to honour “One Thousand Years of Christianity in Ukraine.” Our goals for this year were to assist the St. Volodymyr Cathedral Renovation Fund, the All Saints of Ukraine Chapel Beautification Fund, the St. Volodymyr Cultural Centre, and a gift basket auction for Euromaidan.

Opening night attracted hundreds of art enthusiasts. Katherine Sametz entertained with a wonderful musical interlude on the grand piano. Bishop Andriy opened the show with a prayer and blessing. Our Rt. Rev. Fr. Sencio, the Very Rev. Fr. Buciora and the Rt. Rev. Fr. Wm. Makarenko (Hamilton, ON) assisted. Raya Shadursky was our MC. All the committee members: Olya Janschula (as chair), Tama­ra Koszarny, Nadia Hunt, Ludmila Lavreniuk, Maria Shap­ka, Irene Sotnyk, Annie Mishchenko, Lesia Tymochenko, Raya Shadursky and Kathy Podopryhora, together with the subcommittee: Anisya Borowick, Ihor Prociuk and Katherine Sametz, all volunteered with love, dedication and effort to make this event successful once again.

We thank our platinum sponsors: Ukrainian Credit Union, Temertey Family and Buduchnist Credit Union.  Our gold sponsor Anna Romaniuk of Troyanda Catering provided trays of canapés as a contribution to our fundraiser.

A huge thank you goes to Ihor Prociuk for the design and setup of our sponsor booklet. Also, praise goes to Lesia Shipowick for the design of our flyer and booklet cover.
We salute our gentlemen volunteers who served in guest relations, as wine and soda servers and helped with the photography. Head of guest relations Dennis Hunt co-ordinated and scheduled our security team: Walter Kaminsky, Eugene Shapka, Mike Wowk, Wes Shipowick, John Pelechaty, Alex Tymochenko. Our servers were: Vic Ko­szarny, Greg Blysniuk, Peter Bayrachny and Vlad German. Our photographer was Lee Janschula. Friday night volunteers are people without whom it would be difficult to run this show.

Raya Machula is praised for her dedication for the Friday kitchen and Sunday after-church lunches. This year we also thank the Ukrainian Women’s Association members of St. Olha Branch for their help.
Sales people and wrapper/packers were Luba Andrews, Luba Pryszlak, Vera Melnyk, Lelia Sulyma, Maria Zdaniw, Tamara Drozd, Tania Washchuk, Tamara Hrycak, Valia Sitnik, Laurisa Hrycyna Tkachenko, Lesia Borowik, Olya Buz, and Peter Burgess (student).
Thanks to administrators: Peter Bayrachny, president of St. Volodymyr Cathedral; Vince Adamec, president of St. Volodymyr Cultural Centre; administrator Oksana Boutch­ma; and our hardworking caretakers Valya and Volodymyr.

Please support our donors and sponsors. They are all important to our community: Troyanda Catering; Mitchell, Bardyn, Zalucky LLP (V. Lishchyna); Dr. Sev and Dr. Stephanie Falcomer; Meest Corporation; Turner and Porter funeral directors; George E. McFarlane - State Farm Insurance; Vlad German - Sutton Realty; Baby Point Lounge Catering; William Hunt - Eleven Eleven Realty; Starsky Fine Foods; Lingeman’s IDA; Ontario Fresh and Tasty Deli; David Roberts Food Corp.; Pharmasave - Ulana Kapustansky; Natalie’s Kitchen Catering; Canadiana Restaurant; Flowerland Florist; Halenda’s The Meat Store; Best for Bride Store; Multiculture Bevco-Ukrainian Fine Beverages; North Ridge; Champagne Poultry Inc.; Harasymowycz Law; Arka Shoes; and Karpaty Travel.

Congratulations and best wishes to Dr. Natalia Lishchyna, our new Town Councillor Ward 6 Oakville.

Thanks to all our well-wishers and contributors: Vera Chmilenko, Raya and Alex Juchymenko and St. Volodymyr Cathedral. Thanks to KONTAKT Ukrainian television program and FORUM TV Ukrainian program for adverti
sing and promoting our event.
We extend our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who helped make our show and sale a huge success.  May God Bless All!
Expressions in Art
29th Anniversary Show and Sale 2017  - November 3,4,5
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